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Neptoon Invest delivers digital investment solutions, founded on objectively research-driven premises.

Do you happen to be domiciled in one of the below countries or regions, just follow a few steps and you will enter a universe with a professional manager User-individually calibrating suggested investment solutions.

Neptoon Invest Robot Solution offers strategic asset management with tactical overlay in a hardcoded 8 asset class structure. Even with single stocks possible.

Considering that 99% of private investors (pension exempt) are cash-stocks only investors 8 asset classes should suffice.

All flexibly in-build on,


All investment universes in ETF, index funds and active funds are based on User domicile. All Robot solutions on product level can be edited from a screened fund universe. Fund information available in system.

After 3 steps you will enter a cockpit with dynamic connection to suggested and User-editable trading portfolio. Dashboard and Trading View inter-linked.

View all keyfigures, scenarios and wealth in the future and accept. Detailed reports are created in PDF and forwarded.

At any time User can overwrite the Robot suggestion. Whether its expected returns, leverage long, shorts, weights, costs, investment funds or individual stocks.

But NOT COVARIANCE RISK STRUCTURE. That can only be achieved on a licence basis.

User can build dissavings plans after POST-retirement and have the Robot calculate eg. monthly optimal withdrawals to reach a wealth of 0 at the final date. Cuffin date.

User can even set a hard overlapping-generation restriction that eg. expected 1mill. must be left on cuffin date. Or the other way around. How long post-retirement is achieveable for a certain monthly savings during PRE-retirement period.

Commercial structure : Its a SAAS system. Membership based payment platform. Free but constrained accessibility possible.

Price approc. EUR7-15/month incl. VAT

Please take a sniff. It’ the first solution ever of this kind with private investors being intelligently and professionally guided through steps dynamically changed to previous User input. Not just change in investment universe but in entire User setup and allowed editable and viewable options.


3.500 lines of JAVASCRIPT. 500 for technical finance and macroeconomics. 3.000 dedicated to User individual design and setup.

System currently in beta-version. Even 2 videos are still missing. Need sponsors. Lingual options: Currently Danish and English.

System can be used as investor or as sales person of own pre-set products within the system – requires licence from #neptooninvest.

System build by #workways#neptooninvestAnders Bendix Kielwww.phases.dk


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