Who we are?

Neptoon (UB) is a Danish domiciled ApS entity. UB is the business model succession of Investmentexcel.com, that throughout a year constituted a “pilot project” to test membership based professional digital investment solutions. Test results indicated that investors appreciate digital online solutions, but with a certain degree of User-flexibility in designing portfolios. All Neptoon ApS products are mathematically and economically developed by senior market and academic people .

Our philosophy

Neptoon shares same general philosophy as other sites and products in the mother entity Neptoon ApS. The general Neptoon philosophy is to make readily and digitally available to investors, smart, cheapest, transparent and flexible investment solutions The specific Neptoon investment philosophy here, is nested in a set of Funds based multi-asset class strategies, that are designed to capture medium and long-term returns with lowest possible variation. Risk.

Our objective

Innovation in financial products and in IT technology, throughout the last decade, warrants a different approach to financial investments. An approach that substantially follows the “optimal investor strategy” already noted 50 years ago by Nobel Prize takers in Finance. Neither IT nor products, however were available until recently. So, our core objective is to finally deliver this strategy, that makes investments risk-return optimal, cheap and transparent in a simple stepwise interactive process between User and a Robot. In 1 minute you can download a standard or tailored solution. A trade ticket.

Our Team Leaders

Thomas Peter Clausen

CEO, Neptoon ApS

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