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Neptoon ApS
Gammel Køge Landevej 22. Z
2500 København
P: +45 2568 5705
M: [email protected]
CVR no: 40372555

General concepts

Neptoon ApS delivers subscription based and downloadable digital wealth construction solutions. Neptoon ApS also makes available a digital software for portfolio management where User with robotized assistance, can manage her own portfolio structure. Last, Neptoon offers The Academy, where basic and advanced videos and Excel models can be downloaded. Altogether these products hereafter constitute the “Service” Terms and Condition policies apply to agreements between Neptoon ApS and one natural person (hereinafter the “User”) regarding the Service. Only persons 18 years of age or older may enter into an agreement with Neptoon ApS regarding the Service. These Terms together constitute the legal agreement between User and Neptoon ApS. In order to access our solutions, User must read and accept these terms.

Registration and user access

The user is responsible for ensuring that the information provided is correct at the time of registration. Upon registration, the User may only provide information regarding own payment and credit cards. When registering, the User must enter a legal User-unique username and password (hereafter “Login Information”). User Login Information is personal and may not be used by others unless otherwise stated on the product. The user must keep the Login Information in a secure place so that others cannot gain unauthorized access to it. The user is responsible for all use of his user account. Any misuse of login details is illegal berach of Neptoon property If the User suspects unlawful use of the User Login Information, the User must immediately notify Neptoon ApS and change her password.

Prices and Payment

Payment for use of the Service must be paid in accordance with the current price list available on the Website. Payment for the subscription is made in advance each month. The user must make payment for the subscription through the payment methods offered by Neptoon ApS on the website. The user undertakes to sign the required documents and to have sufficient funds available for payment by the chosen means of payment at each payment date.

Payment changes

Neptoon ApS reserves the right to change the fee and other terms of service. The change must be notified to the User at least thirty (30) days before the change takes effect. If the User does not cancel the subscription before the change takes effect, it must be considered as acceptance of the change. Changes that are manifestly in favor of the User apply immediately without notice to the User.

Unsubscribe membership

Termination of the Service may take place at any time and with immediate effect. To unsubscribe follow the procedure on the site.


Neptoon ApS receives online payments with Visa, Mastercard etc. Payment will only be charged to your account when the physical item is shipped or the virtual product is created unless otherwise agreed or stated in your order. All amounts on the website include VAT. Neptoon ApS websites use DKK, USD and EUR for pricing denomination. Neptoon ApS websites use a secure payment server that encrypts all information with SSL protocol which means your data is secure and cannot be read by other outsiders.

Special policy for investment solutions

All solutions are voluntary for User. Neptoon ApS takes no responsibility for any financial outcome of suggested solutions. Neptoon ApS takes no responsibility for static data on suggested investment products, like costs, ÅOP. Neptoon ApS takes no responsibility for any incorrectly calculated number. Login can only be used by subscriber. Login distribution to other than family, is illegal and breach of property rights.

Special policy for Academy and copyrights

All solutions are voluntary for User. Neptoon ApS takes no responsibility for any download and use of file products. Neptoon ApS has copyrights on all files uploaded on all our websites. Any commercially related copypaste of our files will be seen as a breach of Neptoon ApS reserved rights.

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