How works? is an investment portfolio building platform with in-build (digital) asset management. It’s special in the sense that driving the platform is a full-professional academic and practioneer code. The Neptoon system solutions, cover global investments via Funds that are calibrated and selected based on User’s home country. The platform can be applied with a standard system approach or by a Robot guided User-driven approach. From country selection to trading ticket User meets some simple steps and finally the User-Portal, that allows both investments Funds and single stocks in the portfolio. Customized. Neptoon allows both construction of savings and dissavings profiles. That is, the famous ”FIRE” concept can be handled in Neptoon as well as more traditional post-retirement schemes.

Standard solutions

The system portfolio solutions are generic as a default. This means, User can select based on her risk appetite, between 4 pre-defined and built, global multi-asset Fund solutions with home-bias and possibly low currency risk. These solutions can be modified according to User’s wishes. Perhaps slightly more equities or bonds. All User-driven modifications take place in the portfolio management tool. The User-Dashboard. In here User can also switch between the 4 pre-defined default solutions.

User-driven solutions

The 4 generic default solutions constitute the basic framework. It’s not unlike a “Home” button on a website. But complimentary is however a Dashboard, where User can become her own portfolio manager, and modify many variables and assumptions, that professionals apply also when building and testing risk-return profiles. To reduce complexity however, the Dashboard has various fixed assumptions, eg. on asset class risk, correlations and costs (Fund fees). Particularly unique, is probably eligibility of also individual stocks and customized ETF’s and Mutual Funds.


Neptoon Academy is a complimentary and important pillar on digital investment management. The Academy, which has downloadable video and Excel files, addresses financial and economic topics. Not only relevant for Neptoon’s investment approach, but also more generally. So, the Academy is a school in Finance, Statistics and Economics. Some topics though, are particularly important for as eg. “Rebalancing Techniques”.

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