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Goldman Sachs vs Ubanking

28.12.2020 By Thomas Peter Clausen (CEO Neptoon ApS)

Goldman Sachs is now following in the footsteps of other major asset managers and for that matter Digitalization of household investments is the name of the future game.

Whereas even advanced and very personalized digital loan solutions (“DLM”) have been around for quiet some while now, the asset management counterpart (“DAM”) have been absent.

On December 23 2020 it was announced that Goldman Sachs has now initiated an internal betaversion with the aim of offering frontend ETF modelled solutions next year.

According to a memo employees in the beta version have paid TER of 0,15%. The 0.15% management fee is however a “special employee offer,” according to the bank but compares somewhat with Ubanking’s 0,15%-0,20%.

It remains to be seen exactly how dynamic an client-interactive the frontend structure will be.

In Neptoon we are happy about this Goldman initiative as its yet another blueprint of the business of asset management digitalization.

The deeply interactive global investment platform, will most likely also after Goldman’s launch be the market’s most advanced, intuitive, conflict-of-interest-free and cheap.

Also Neptoon offers money-flow-free solutions based on clients nationality, currency, so the entire investment universe is automatically calibrated on this ground.

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