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Digital Investment Banking is here!

Neptoon ApS, Copenhagen, 20.09.20

Neptoon International – what?

Neptoon is not a bank. Nor is it an advisory company. Neptoon is a philosophy, a concept, where investor has a Robot-supported managing role on a digital investment platform. A platform that grants the investor readily access to cheap, transparent and professionally efficient investment solutions.

The platform’s Uportal “cockpit” allows for interactive steps between the investor and the system, where a captain seat is ready for investors to manage, test and trade ideas. To fly on their own. Directly from A to B. And always with an experienced co-pilot to happily assist: a rational research-driven Robot.

So, the Neptoon International digital investment platform builds interactively and stepwisely with you, “smart” investment solutions, based on either market risk and return expectations, or your very own return expectations. Even on individual stock level. Everything within a flexible global investment universe of stocks and investment funds.

At any time, activation of the Robot implies 100% diversification and highest Sharpe Ratio across a mix of global asset class Funds. But with home-bias based on investor regionality. At any time “Bonds” as an investment segment can be deactivated.

We build and simulate together, but you trade on your own risk and custody. Here is in bullet form what Neptoon (also) implies for you as an investor.

No need to:

  • transfer money to Ubanking
  • abstain from smart investment solutions in Corona times
  • be concerned about explicit and implicit fees to banks
  • distrust market views and products from banks
  • change preferred trading counterpart and custody
  • change mobile portfolio monitor device
  • arrange meetings with local bank adviser on investment topics
  • be concerned about handling your financial assets yourself anymore


Most people are relatively comfortable with Digital Banking nowadays. At least as far as it concerns the financing and loan business. The liability side of the household balance sheet. As few as maybe 5 clicks, and the borrower gets a competitive rate offer on a particular loan type, maturity and repayment structure – car loans, house loans, consumer loans.

However, on the investment management and product side – the asset side – it is very different, with substantially the investment banking core business still being rooted in the traditional physical encounter between client and adviser, or outright guided sale of expensive active mutual funds.

For the investor to avoid this reliance to the bank, they need to form on their own portfolio constructions by trading most often randomly individual mutual funds or outright instruments as stocks, bonds or real estate. It is not difficult to buy a portfolio, but according to recent academic research, it is extremely difficult to buy an “objectively” rational portfolio.

The academia has been talking about such a market expectations-based external platform for the last 10 years at least. More recently, a Deloitte report states that banks should transform boldly in order to be ready for the future of investment banking in 2030.

The future is already here. With Ubanking. In 2020.


Thomas Peter Clausen

CEO Neptoon ApS,

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